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Seven Stage Partnership Model

Published on: Jan 1, 2019

Indigenous Works’ model shows the seven stages to achieving authentic, high functioning Indigenous/non-Indigenous partnerships.

  • This is a competency-based model which requires that Indigenous/non-Indigenous businesses and organizations acquire specific knowledge, strategies and practices in order to effectively engage, build relationships and partner with one another effectively and successfully;
  • Our model casts a wide net on the underlying motivations and purposes of Indigenous partnerships. But our focus is on partnerships which create value for each partner and result in Indigenous employment, business or social development;
  • Our focus is on Indigenous/non-Indigenous ‘business to business’ or ‘business to organization’ partnerships. The partnerships between government and Indigenous organizations and business need further and particular study which we have not yet focused on;
  • During the course of our research we heard many stories and anecdotes about the difficulty which both Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies and organizations are experiencing with one another. We tend to hear more negative than positive stories. Our model was extrapolated from interviews and focus groups. It is ‘evidence-based’;
  • Gaining cultural competencies is important. Non-Indigenous companies need knowledge of Indigenous culture, history and world-view. Indigenous organizations and businesses need to better understand ‘corporate culture’. Each is deeply grounded in their own culture and this profoundly guides and shapes the ways that each engages and partners with one another; 
  • The business environment between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses and organizations is both complex and dynamic. The successful navigation of Indigenous/non-Indigenous partnerships represents a high degree of difficulty.

Our model and learning tools will help you build successful partnerships.