Simon Fraser University, School for the Contemporary Arts


The School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA) at SFU is situated in one of downtown Vancouver’s most dynamic and diverse neighbourhoods. Our school offers a unique curriculum in which studio classes in dance, film, music/sound, theatre/performance, production/design, and visual art are integrated with the historical and theoretical study of the arts. This meeting of creative practice with academic enquiry is a core value of the school and is enhanced by our attention to critical contemporary issues as well as our commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration both within the classroom and beyond. 

The SCA offers BFAs in Dance, Film, Music & Sound, Theatre & Performance, Production & Design, and Visual Art, as well as a BA in Art, Performance & Cinema Studies. At the graduate level, we offer an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and an MA in Contemporary Arts. Our newest program is the PhD in Contemporary Arts, which offers a unique opportunity to pursue high-level scholarly and/or practice-based research.


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