Mobilize Adventure Team

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We are hiring adventurous candidates for the ultimate Work & Travel program across Canada for six-month placement!

Are you looking to gain work experience while exploring another part of the country? Well if so, this is an opportunity that you don't want to miss! Submit an application ASAP.

Mobilize Jobs arranges the work and the housing. All you have to do is pack your clothes, arrange travel, and get yourself to your new job!


  • Travel across Canada and enjoy different experiences in a number of different locations.
  • There are six-month placements available!
  • This is full-time, paid work!
  • Housing is arranged for you!
  • You can work and travel with friends as a group!
  • Great opportunity to travel to and experience another part of the country and make money while doing it.
  • Once your time has been completed, you'll walk away with new job references, new friends, and memories to last a lifetime.


  • You will always be making at least the minimum wage, with monthly performance bonuses program wide, and FREE HOUSING.


  • Over the course of your placement, all housing costs will be covered by the Mobilize Jobs program.
  • The program works in groups of "Mobilizers," so if you have friends you would like to live and travel with, make sure you apply together!


  • 1 Year customer service experience.
  • Age 18 or older
  • Must be legally able to work in Canada
  • Have high school diploma
  • Supply 2 references
  • Clean background check
  • A sense of adventure!!!
  • This position is not suitable for students returning to school in September.


Mobilize is a new staffing model that works on a rotational placement basis. Our Mobilizers gain valuable work experience, while assisting our partners in the tourism, hospitality and food services businesses.

For those wanting to travel, Mobilizers are offered the opportunity to try different locations across Canada for specific roles. Travelling is not a requirement, simply an option for those wanting to take advantage of the opportunity. Each new role comes with the benefit of having your accommodations covered.

While the program has been very popular with millennials (typically workers between the ages of 18 and 30) because we help address youth unemployment, Mobilize welcomes anyone of legal working age that meet our requirements.

Work as a housekeeper this summer at one of our prime locations in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and B.C.!

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Follow regular cleaning and maintenance schedules, liaise with colleagues and supervisor(s), and ensure that all guest accommodations are ideal
  • Wipe and sanitize windows, walls, doors and fixtures
  • Thoroughly wash and sanitize room showers, toilets, mirrors and sinks
  • Vacuum carpets and clean hard floors (e.g., linoleum, tile etc.) using the appropriate product
  • Regularly replace and restock room amenities, including towels, soaps and shampoos
  • Remove all used bed linens and replace with a fresh set of linens
  • Regularly check if room lighting and appliances are in working order
  • Complying with work safety practices and ensuring that all rooms attended are up to organizational health and safety standards along with federal, provincial and local safety standards
  • Other related duties as required