Extruder Operator

Hours of work: Shift work, 12 hours a day

Job Summary

Perform and report extrusion operations in order to comply with safety, quality and productivity targets

Essential Duties (Responsibilities)

All PPE must be worn in compliance with the OHSA/RC requirements
Enforce/Respect the safety rules and the internal policy
Stop any equipment / operative works / external company works if safety/environment protection/fire protection rules are broken
Guarantee and apply ISO 14001 (Environment), and all related working procedures
Ownership of environmental responsibilities listed in ENV-REF-002 - Associates SEA Matrix
Guarantee and apply ISO 9001, FSS/ISO22000, Mars Standards, and all related working procedures
Support the HACCP program in the department
Follow GMP-GHP in the area
Inform Shift Supervisor of quality deviations according to product standards and production procedures
Maintain CCPs and oPrPs in the department
Perform the CCP and oPrP's procedure according to SOPs
Sampling of products to ensure quality control (micro sampling)
Report any pest activity to related Manager
Perform and record quality control tests
Adhere to multi-skills policy and acquire at least one additional competence as established with and by Management
Training: attend any training program as scheduled by company management and train any designed person in the position
Perform extruding line start up sequence processes
Run the extruding processes
Perform extruding line shut down sequence processes
Assign FP silos and instruct packaging operator
Control and maintain a constant supply of coating powders and liquids to the coater in cooperation with the RM handler
Perform area-related equipment first level maintenance
Perform inventory of raw ingredients / packaging materials / finished products in bins, silos and racks (cyclical and period end inventories)
Any task as delegated by Manager
Perform Housekeeping Checks to ensure compliance to 5S
Perform operational cleaning operations
Change ver cleaning
Weekly cleaning & Sanitatin
Hyp cleaning
Provide any requested documentation to other Departments according to internal rules
Shift changes: communicate with co-worker of next shift about machine problems, progress on production schedule, bin inventories, quality issue...
Complete production reports as required by manager and record any production events (stops, quantity, quality...)


Training and/or experience in functional tasks (opt: knowledge of feed/food industry)
Must be willing to work irregular hours and extended shift if necessary
Safety & Hygiene & Quality conscious, Initiative, Self motivated, Team player, Technically inclined, Depth perception, Tolerance to hot environment, Unrestricted range of motion, Color discrimination, olfactory and texture perception