Executive Director

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The Organization

The First Nations Housing & Infrastructure Council (FNHIC-BC) was established the fall of 2017 to transfer the care and control of housing and infrastructure through the development and creation of a BC First Nations designed and led the Housing and Infrastructure Authority. The FNHIC-BC is committed to transformational change by working with First Nation communities in designing and delivering their own services. The FNHIC-BC acknowledges that the transfer of authority from Canada to a First Nations Authority will be disruptive and will require dedicated effort to inform and assist First Nations in the process. The FNHIC-BC’s Navigating Change Policy and Methodology approaches change as a collective responsibility where the FNHIC-BC and BC First Nations establish a vision, in cooperation with federal government partners, and actively navigate the necessary changes to achieve that goal together. The FNHIC-BC is currently on stage three of the Engagement Process to determine the needs and desires of First Nations communities by communicating with community members, government officials, housing professionals, and tribal councils. This shift from dependency on governments is a significant step towards First Nations’ self-determination.

The Role

The Executive Director is responsible for the successful leadership, management, and establishment of a First Nations Housing and Infrastructure Authority with the capacity to deliver programs, services, and initiatives which support the organization’s vision and mandate and are aligned with the strategic direction set by the FNHIC-BC. It is also understood that this is a new position to transition from design and creation into a fully operational, governing Authority.