Namgis Business Development Corporation – Chief Executive Officer

The ‘Namgis Business Development Corporation (NBDC) was incorporated in 2019 to bring together ‘Namgis business entities to be managed under one  umbrella to create administrative efficiencies and a sound governance model. NBDC’s mandate is to maximize the potential of commercial holdings, identify opportunities and develop new businesses for further economic growth and benefits for the ‘Namgis First Nation (NFN) on northern Vancouver Island.

‘Namgis unceded territories encompass the entire Nimpkish and Kokish River Watersheds, along with the waters and several adjacent islands in the vicinity of Johnstone Strait and Queen Charlotte Straits. However, ‘Namgis citizens now live in a more concentrated area around ‘Yalis (Alert Bay, Cormorant Island).

Approximately 573 citizens live in the community, and another 1350 citizens live outside the territories bringing the current ‘Namgis population to about 1923. To enable economic health for the community for now and for future generations, NBDC invests in businesses that align with ‘Namgis`s traditional values and sustainability goals. The following entities provide a diverse array of opportunities and a base of business to grow from.

The Opportunity

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to the NBDC Board of Directors and is accountable for the day-to-day management of NBDC in accordance with NBDC’s Governance Policy. The CEO will work with the NBDC Board to evaluate, support, execute, and capitalize on economic development opportunities that meet the vision, mission and values of the organization and the needs of ‘Namgis people.

The CEO will have an opportunity to establish a company vision, strategy and goals in partnership with the NBDC Board. Together, NBDC will develop the ‘Namgis economy through identifying possible business opportunities and working with the Nation, the Board, other potential partners to benefit the community, provide employment to ‘Namgis citizens and, contribute significantly to the economic well-being and prosperity of future generations.

The CEO will provide leadership to the NBDC and its group of companies, create plans that will capitalize on current markets and operations and, assess the growth potential for NBDC’s limited partnerships, projects, and corporations. By forging strong relationships and focusing on people development, the CEO will ensure that ‘Namgis businesses operate efficiently and offer respectful, safe working environments for all personnel.

Key Responsibilities

The CEO is responsible for leading and working cooperatively with other boards and management of the subsidiaries, staff and First Nations’ communities in respect of operations, human resources management and all aspects of internal and external relationships on behalf of NBDC. More specifically, the CEO will:

Manage the corporate affairs of NBDC and implement decisions of the Board

• Monitor the performance of corporations and limited partnerships of which the ‘Namgis First Nation (“NFN”) is a limited partner

• Ensure that all ‘Namgis corporations and limited partnerships operate efficiently and offer respectful, safe working environments for all personnel

• Work with the Board to develop and implement NBDC’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, Annual Budget, and other business planning documents, as required

• Provide timely and full financial statements, cash flow projections notifications of distributable cash, proposals for business opportunities to the Board

• Provide timely and full reports of finances and operations, as described above, to the NFN Council as directed by the Board

• Act as a liaison between the Board and NFN Council as directed by the Board

• Develop and implement financial and operational procedures and processes that are based on sound risk management practices and appropriate internal controls

• Oversee the hiring, management, and retention of all staff and contractors

• Create partnerships with industry and other entities to maximize the potential of current and new projects and businesses

• Identify funding and business opportunities to support current and develop new projects

• Undertake sufficient due diligence on all business operations

• to assess and present possible investment and growth opportunities • to forecast future needs and challenges

• to identify organizational priorities and change initiatives

• Ensure through grounded and professional communications that ‘Namgis citizens understand how new and existing businesses and partnerships will create prosperity for the next generations

• Manage community, government and public relations as the key company representative and spokesperson


• Minimum of 5 years of senior leadership experience in a fast-paced economic development environment; Direct experience reporting to a Board is an asset

• University Degree in Business, Finance, Commerce, or equivalent area of study; or equivalent combination of education and experience

• Demonstrated experience successfully leading the operations of and strategically planning for corporations with multiple business lines

• Demonstrated track-record of commitment for staff development, recruitment, management, retention, and the creation of healthy and positive work environments

• Strong and proven skills surrounding

• business development and analytics • project management and execution

• mentorship, coaching, and succession planning • community engagement and facilitation

• communications and public relations

• Knowledge of the legal and political environment for First Nations, including matters related to governance, social, economic and Aboriginal title and rights, etc.; Understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges facing First Nations in BC

• Awareness of and ability to pursue diverse funding sources

• Ability to establish and maintain strong relationships and partnerships with elected and hereditary leadership and community, business partners, funding agencies and lenders, industry associations, governments, the public

• Experience developing and overseeing the implementation of and reporting on related policies, process and procedures which ensure corporate accountability and profitability

• Excellent verbal, and superior writing and report presentation skills

• Previous experience working with an Indigenous Government and community, Administration Officers, and Board of Directors

• Knowledge of the Kwak’wak’awakw culture would be an asset

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