Instructor: Indigenous Focus – School of Business

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Nature and Scope of Work

To instruct a broad range of courses within the School of Business, from lower-level to upper-level capstone courses, to a wide range of students. Instructors may be expected to teach courses such as Indigenous Entrepreneurship, Field School and Directed Study courses in support of Indigenous Communities, Introduction to Management, etc.  Regularized faculty are expected to participate fully in all regular department/unit meetings and committee and administrative work. The School of Business offers courses in each term (Fall, Spring and Summer), and each course requires competencies that are unique to the discipline. 

Required Qualifications & Experience

  • Knowledge and lived experience of Indigenous political, economic, and social systems’ applied experience working with or within Indigenous organizations.
  • Extensive experience facilitating and managing in an Indigenous Entrepreneurial context, with a focus on economic reconciliation.
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent.
  • Industry experience in business.
  • A broad understanding of entrepreneurship and management issues in business.
  • The ability to engage students through theoretical content and applied teaching methods.
  • Proven experience in the development and delivery of academic courses or corporate workshops and training.
  • Experience with course development and assessment.


  • PhD or Doctoral experience
  • Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PDIP) or equivalent
  • Certification in University Teaching or equivalent
  • Credential in online teaching or equivalent
  • Can teach in various areas
  • Indigenization and Decolonization
  • Values Based Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Global and Local Exploration
  • Data and Technology
  • Business experience in multiple sectors (e.g. private, government, crown corp., NGO)
  • Knowledge of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion principles in an educational environment.
  • Experience with Work Integrated learning.

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