Chief Executive Officer

Established in 1998, the St. John’s International Airport Authority (SJIAA) is a private, not-for-profit corporation that exists to provide a safe and efficient transportation facility that is a catalyst for economic growth at Newfoundland and Labrador’s premier gateway.  Currently serving over 1.5 million passengers annually, the Airport plays a significant role in facilitating the economic growth and development of the region.  Passenger traffic has more than doubled since the Airport was privatized in 1998 and it is now one of the busiest airports in Canada.  On a daily basis, the Airport has approximately 80 arriving and departing flights, to and from 20 destinations in Canada, the United States and Europe (some on a seasonal basis), with connections to anywhere in the world.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provides executive leadership and management for the organization’s strategic plan, administration, programs and services and plays a vital role in assuring the SJIAA’s success.  Pairing strong leadership with visionary thinking, the CEO must act as a steward and continue to foster growth and innovation.  The CEO is tasked with forging strong, lasting relationships amongst the industry, government and regulatory bodies, clients, passengers and the community.  The CEO, leading a team of 15 senior managers, also has a major role in building and fostering a positive employee culture. Driven to strengthen the operations of the Airport, the CEO is responsible for attaining the goals and objectives set by the Board of Directors, within the SJIAA’s established mandate, policies and budget.  Implementing rules of governance and corporate procedures, the CEO is accountable for the SJIAA’s decisions regarding operational and financial management.

As the ideal candidate, you are a strategic and visionary thinker with proven transformational and action-oriented leadership that drives operational efficiency.  You understand the complexities of a regulated, broadly accountable environment.  A strong administrator, you are comfortable in a boardroom, reading financial statements, directing multiple projects and have excellent communication skills that are evident through achieved results.  Proactive and energetic, you anticipate and understand trends, problems and opportunities and successfully interpret them for organizational effectiveness.  With a track record of developing and shaping strategic partnerships, you have experience in significant facilitation and consensus-building with Board members and community stakeholders.  Your demonstrated dynamism and passion, as well as your superior stakeholder and relationship building expertise, will contribute to guiding the success of the SJIAA’s vision, strategy and objectives.  A business administration degree is essential to success in this role.

The SJIAA will provide support in its recruitment processes to applicants with disabilities, including accommodation that takes into account an applicant’s accessibility needs.  If you require accommodation because of a disability or for any other reason during the interview process, please contact KBRS.

For more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact Jason Ozon at: or telephone at: 1.866.822.6022, or Beverley Evans at:, or submit your application online at: