Laboratory Technician

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·         Through guidance provided by the Laboratory Manager, and in a safe, legal and ethical manner, the Laboratory Analyst – Chemist or Laboratory Technician performs duties to support analytical testing for the company and its clients and to maintain associated records, thus supporting the goal of providing a service to our clients that is accurate, timely and cost effective.


·          Receives, examines and records through a login process, inbound samples for testing.

·         Delivers test samples to the sample staging area.

·         Monitors the availability of supplies needed for testing processes and makes any needs for such supplies known to the Laboratory Manager.

·         After showing and documenting proficiency for the task, performs testing of samples and quality control specimens using specified methodology. Reviews results against specifications and known expectations. May be delegated to issue analyzes to clients.

·         Prepares samples and quality control specimens, prepares and standardizes reagents and solutions, and calibrates equipment needed for the testing processes.

·         Verifies and communicates results obtained, and makes appropriate entries into instrument logs, control charts, calibration records, laboratory worksheets, and any other media, whether print or electronic, required, assuring the validity and traceability of the information.

·         Maintains documentation, equipment, and work areas in a neat, orderly and safe condition.

·         With sufficient proficiency shown and documented, is able to assists in the training of less experienced employees.

·         Carries out all of the above responsibilities in a supportive manner with adherence to the Company’s Safety Policy and Procedures, Quality Management System, Ethics Policy, Environmental Management System, Vision and Strategy, and exercises good judgment, common sense, and diplomacy.


·         Laboratory Analyst - Technicians are required to have High school education or equivalent with an advantage of having petroleum testing experience or formal chemistry education. Two years relevant experience is required for technicians to perform U.S. Customs related testing

·         Laboratory Analyst - Chemist will at minimum have a chemistry related Bachelor’s degree.



·         Good written and verbal communication skills.

·         Proficient at mathematics.

·         Ability to perform analytical tasks.

·         Protocol, procedure and safety oriented.



·         Organized with time management skills.

·         Experience in handling chemical and petroleum products.

·         High tolerance for job pressure.

·         An ability to work and communicate with persons of diverse personalities and backgrounds.